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Annie would like to ride for you whatever your horse's level. She is a kind and considerate rider who always puts the horse's needs first. Annie offers three qualities to help your horse develop its full potential. Find out more

Eventing horses are wonderful athletes, and our partnership is what makes this sport so special. Click here to meet the horses

There are many opportunities for marketing and publicity through Annie Forsyth Eventing. The business is growing so join us and become a part of it.  Click here to find out more


As your rider, Annie Forsyth is dedicated to ensuring your horse receives every opportunity to develop its potential. Our friendly set-up provides a fun experience where you can participate in the camaraderie of our unique sport. Annie and her team offer three unique qualities to any potential event horse owner - Skills, Science and Support. These are the pillars that drive everything we do.


Currently available: Billy Wayne  Billy Expectation

Being an event horse owner allows you to enjoy the thrill and excitement of eventing. There are many different options for ownership available from individual ownership to small or larger syndicates or corporate ownership. Annie is fortunate to have Fenella Forsyth, who after many years of event organisation, is on hand to assist with the running and administration of any form of ownership.  To discuss any possibilities please contact Annie or Fenella Forsyth.


Annie trains with world class trainers with whom she develops the best methods for each individual horse. Annie continuously works to improve, hone and be consistent - both in competition and at home – to provide the best training for her horses.  Annie’s ethos is if a horse doesn’t do a movement the first time of asking, work out why; was the aid incorrect or did the horse not understand what was asked?  Can the aid be made clearer or can another movement be used to explain what is being asked of the horse?  For example leg yield can be used to teach shoulder in or travers; pole work to improve balance when jumping or improve footwork. Click here to find out about Annie's Trainers.


Annie had a slightly different background to many eventers because her parents wanted her to go to University when she wanted to ride!  So Annie agreed to go on the condition she could do a science based equine degree.  Annie missed freshers week to go to the Under 18 National Eventing Championships but unfortunately the horse tied up. This tying up was the beginning of a 3 year project which became Annie's dissertation and produced the largest scale study of its kind into tying up in sport horses.  Casanova has never tied up since!  Annie now attends lectures and talks on the the latest research in the Sport horse field whenever she can.  Annie finished University with a first.


Annie is lucky to have a fantastic support team including top vets, physios, farriers, grooms and sponsors who all contribute to the overall success of the horse and rider partnership. Annie’s supporters work together to improve all aspects of performance focusing on “Marginal Gains”.  Whether it be marginally altering the balance of the foot co-ordinated by our vet (Stuart Duncan) and our farrier (Adrian Brazier) or managing a slight dietary alteration to improve muscle tone co-ordinated by Kismet Animal Therapist (Jin Langstone) and Stuart.  We aim to cover all bases in as much detail as possible. 

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Annie Forsyth

Rider, Trainer & Livery Manager

07733 072055


Fenella Forsyth

PA, Sponsorship Liaison & Marketing

07760 390333



Kerrie Daykin:  Owner of 3 horses in Annie's yard  


Having peace of mind knowing my horses are happy and well cared for is very important to me.
I’m experienced at producing competition horses and running yards and I expect high standards. Annie treats every horse as an individual, as if they were her own. She is extremely knowledgeable and a very talented rider too!

Annie is a lovely person, so friendly and approachable, I always feel that nothing is too much trouble.

The Farm has super facilities for training competition horses and best of all a lovely atmosphere. I really enjoy the time I spend there.........in fact I started with one horse and now have three!!