Will & Toga in their Bates Saddles from Stockley Outdoor & Equestrian

I'm so enjoying the process of bringing on these two lovely horses, Will (Billy Wayne) and Toga (Sea Summer Clover), and getting some pleasing results and improvement around 1.05 and 1.10 show jumping tracks. Will jumped clear around his first Newcomers 1.10 at Pyecombe shown in this promotional video for my super new Bates saddles supplied by Stockley Outdoor and Equestrian.

We've had some very happy days Eventing recently with 4th for Toga and 10th for Will at Eridge BE100 and 5th for Will at Brightling. Will then ran clear cross country (within the time and I wasn't even trying for the time!) in his first Novice at Aston-le-Walls and Toga produced a lovely clear cross country in the Novice at Smith's Lawn. There is still plenty of work to be done but things are moving in the right direction!

Will is in the brand new Bates Advanta Saddle - a purpose designed cross country and jumping saddle. Being ultra close contact, the Advanta has adjustable front and rear movable blocks which can be adjusted for any length of leg whether you are tall, 5'10"/6' or only 5'4" like me! This combined with an adjustable stirrup bar gives the rider the ability to customise their support and position, to achieve the proper heel-hip-shoulder alignment that is so important when jumping. A saddle that doesn't fit the rider makes riding so much harder!

But, of course, the rider's position is only half of it! I take my horse's comfort and welfare very seriously. Unlike other saddles which are stuffed with flocking, Bates uses its unique CAIR system which fills the pockets with air to ensure the horse's absolute comfort. The fluid air cushioning moves with the horse's muscles allowing freedom of movement. Bates saddles can be adjusted as your horse muscles up or changes during the season and as your horse changes shape as he develops over the years.

I am so pleased to have found a saddle with so much adjustability that can be easily refitted for different horses and different riders.

In conjunction with Stockley Outdoor & Equestrian and Jude Capon​ of Bates Saddles we'll be holding a private demonstration of the Advanta saddle and if you'd like to be invited please get in touch with us.

Developing a partnership with a young horse is such an exciting and satisfying experience and I feel so lucky to have this opportunity to see these two learning new skills, very rewarding!

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